Frequently asked question

Find answers to your L'Étape Las Vegas questions. 


How do I register?
What do I get with my 75-mile, 45-mile and 25-mile registration?
  • Entry into race
  • Rider Registration Pack
  • Partially and fully-closed roads
  • Tour de France professional race conditions
  • Official L’Étape Las Vegas t-shirt (Class Spéciale Riders will get a special edition race kit)
  • Backpack drop-off-and-pick-up service in the event village
  • Overall timing of your ride and Queen of the Mountain (QOM)/King of the Mountain (KOM) section timing
  • Mechanical support in the village and on the racecourse
  • Medical assistance in the village and on the racecourse
  • Food Zones and Drink/Energy Zones at key locations on the course
  • Meal at the finish
  • Finisher medal
What’s the difference between the distances?

The L’Étape Las Vegas' 75-mile event is the ultimate cycling challenge, with a 75-mile route heading through Red Rock Canyon. For those who wish to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and experience L’Étape Las Vegas without the added pressure of the tougher climbs and distance, the 45-mile and the 25-mile rides are the perfect option. The Family Ride is an event for everyone, all bikes are allowed for riders 11 years old and up. The Kids Race is for kids from age 3 to 10. Number of laps to complete are determined by the age of the rider.

What is Classe Spéciale?

Classe Spéciale is the the L'Étape by Tour de France VIP experience. The Classe Spéciale category is limited to only 250 riders and includes big perks, goodies and unforgettable experiences. You can race in any distance with Classe Spéciale. The Classe Spéciale category features:

  • Full 2022 L'Étape Las Vegas by Tour de France cycling kit, including a jersey, shorts, and socks.
  • Fast-lane pick-up of your race package during the event.
  • VIP lounge: The VIP lounge is where you will pick up your race packet, get ready for the race on Sunday morning, including grabbing a light snack, and return after the race to recover and refuel.
  • VIP race staging area, including easy-access to your preferred start corral.
  • Ticket to Saturday night Champions Dinner with a Tour de France Champions (extra tickets available for purchase).
  • VIP race staging area, including easy-access to your preferred start staging area and pre-race food and beverage.
Is there any early-bird pricing?

Prices increase throughout the year. See the pricing schedule here. Register early to get the best brice of the year. 

I’m a member of a cycling club; are there group discounts?

Yes, we offer club discounts based on a 10-athlete minimum registration per club. Please email us at for details

Can I change my race distance if I change my mind?

Yes. If you would like to move down to a lower distance, we can do this for you, but there will not be a refund for the difference in price. If you would like to increase to a higher distance, we can do this for you and the difference in price will be charged.


Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, all participants in L’Étape Las Vegas must wear a helmet or they will be denied entry into the starting corral.

What should I bring on race day?

There will be food zones to supply riders with nutrition, water and other necessities; however, we recommend you come with a few additions:

  • Helmet
  • Photo ID
  • Water bottles
  • Additional food or sports nutrition
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Spare clothing for weather
  • Flat repair kit
  • Mobile phone (charge it prior)
Will there be a race briefing?

We will record and send out a 15-minute safety briefing video. The briefing will cover the start, the route, what to look out for, how to move around, etiquette and all aspects of the event to ensure the day is enjoyable and safe.

Where will I collect my race packet?

Race pack pickup will be located at the race village at the Las Vegas Ballpark. Only the rider can pick up their package, no third-party pickups. Packet pick-up will take place on Saturday, May 13th. 

What's in my race package?
  • Bike plate number
  • Frame number
  • Sponsor swag

*Cable ties and pins will be included

How do I get to the start line?

Access to the start line differs depending on where you are staying. More information is available in the Rider Guide which will be available a month before race day! 

How will my start time be determined?

During registration, you will be asked your average speed anticipated for the event, please try to be as accurate as possible to help us place you in the right starting wave. 

What time do I have to be at the start line?

We recommend arriving 30 minutes to an hour before your start time to ensure you can find parking, locate the starting line and get yourself (and your bike) ready. The first wave will leave at 7:00 am.

Is there bike support on the course?

Yes, there will be both static and mobile bike support throughout the route.

Where will the water and refueling stations be?

There will be a station every 15 miles.

My bike is acting up. Where’s the best place to take it?

We will have a number of great partner bike shops that would be happy to help out with any repairs. More information will be available in the coming months. 


Are accommodations included in the price?

No, accommodation is not included in the price. We are working with several local hotels to provide significant discounts to L'Étape Las Vegas participants. Check out our current hotel partners here. 

Where is the best place to stay?


What are the age groups for the competitive distances (75-mile, 45-mile, 25-mile)?

Age categories:

  • Under 20 
  • 20 to 29 
  • 30 to 39 
  • 40 to 49 
  • 50 to 59 
  • 60 to 69 
  • 70 to 79 
  • 80+ 
What are the prizes for top finishers?
  • Overall winners: The top overall individual female and male finishers will be presented with the iconic yellow jerseys. 

  • Queen of the Mountain (QOM)/ King of the Mountain (KOM) winners: The fastest individual male and female riders in each age category over the timed climb section will be awarded the polka-dot jersey. 

  • Sprint winners: The fastest male and female riders in each age category through the timed sprint section will be awarded the green jersey. 


Is there a minimum age requirement to race?
  • Riders must be 16+ to ride in the 75-mile or 50-mile events.
  • Riders must be 14+ to ride in the 25-mile event. NOTE: If a rider is 14 or 15, they must ride with a parent or approved guardian over 18 (the guardian can register for 50% off).
  • Riders must be 11+ to ride in the Family Ride.
  • Riders must be 3 to 10 to ride in the Kids Race.
Where can I find the rules for the race?
What types of bikes are allowed?
  • For the 100-mile, only road bikes are permitted.
  • For the 60-mile ride, road and gravel bikes with drops are allowed.
  • For the 25-mile ride and Family Ride all bikes are allowed, including mountain bikes, gravel bikes, city bikes, cross bikes, and recumbents. Disc wheels, tri or aero bars are not permitted.
  • E-bikes are allowed in all but the 100-mile ride, although any cyclist riding an e-bike won’t be ranked in a specific ranking to preserve fairness between participants.
Will roads be closed?

We will do our best to have as much of the course as possible on closed roads. At a minimum, roads will be partially closed as riders will never be on an open road with vehicle traffic.

Is the course timed?

The 75-mile, 45-mile and 25-mile races are timed events. The Family and Kids Rides are fun, non-timed events.

Are there course time limits?

You need to maintain a minimum average speed of 13.5 mph in the 75-mile event and 12.5 mph in the 50-mile event.